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Well, the 2015 Season is in the books. 47 cars, 15 points races, 5 non points races, 9 different winners, 21 cars per race night , a tight points Championship won by Troy Ullery in the 1T car, and lots of great racing. Coming up is our end of Season Banquet on November 7th. Lots of trophies, give a ways, videos, bench racing and good times. See you there.!!

Past RMLSA Events

Date Title Track City Category Winner
Sept. 26, 2015 El Paso County Raceway Race El Paso County Raceway Calhan, Co. Non Winged Steve Becker
Oct. 10, 2015 El Paso County Raceway Race El Paso County Raceway Calhan, Co. Winged Dave McCray
Oct. 11, 2015 El Paso County Raceway Season Finale El Paso County Raceway Calhan, Co. Winged Blaine Schubarth
Nov. 7, 2015 Cinzettis Restaurant Awards Banquet Cinzettis Restaurant None Family
Nov. 21, 2015 Lakewood Library 10200 West 20th Ave 2016 Rules/Membership Meeting- 1 pm Lakewood Library 10200 West 20th Ave Lakewood Family

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Published on Oct. 11, 2015, 9:23 p.m.

Ullery Makes it Back-To-Back RMLSA Championships

Troy Ullery wins the 2015 RMLSA Points Championship for the 2nd year in a row. His consistant racing every week, with 5 wins leading all drivers. Blaine Schbarth, Glenn waterland, Scott Wilson and Steve Becker rounded out the top 5 in a very competetive field of cars.

Published on Oct. 11, 2015, 9:18 p.m.

Schubarth wins Night 2 of the Double Header

Blaine Schubarth won the second night of the double header for his 3rd win of 2015. 20 Cars made the night two race an exciting one. Great wheel to wheel racing for 20 laps had Schubarth coming out on top over Glenn Waterland and Tim Snelling rounding out the podium. 2015 Champion Troy Ullery finished 4th followed by Steve Becker, Johnny Boos , Scott heikes, Rich Marchbank, Skyler Wissman and Jesse Fernandez rounding out the top ten.

Published on Oct. 11, 2015, 9:54 a.m.

McCray wins night 1 of final double header

Dave McCray took his second victory of the year at El Paso County Speedway last night, starting from the sixth spot on the grid he made some nice passes early on to take the lead mid way through the race. McCray was followed home by Blaine Schubarth and Johnny Boos. The top 5 was rounded out by Matt Martinez and Steve Becker.

The heat races were punctuated by a tip over for the 11 of John Frazier, fortunately John was unharmed, unfortunately his wing was badly damaged and he couldn't continue. Heat race winners included Scott Wilson, Steve Becker and Troy Ullery.

Published on Sept. 27, 2015, 4:06 p.m.

Becker gets first win in a photo finish

24 Cars made the trip to El Paso County Raceway for the last non winged race night of the 2015 season. Heat races were won by the #2 of Blaine Schubarth, the #30 of Scott Heikes and the #11C of Glenn Waterland. The feature started with a couple red flags for flips by the #9 of Dylan Riggs, and later the #21 of Mike Bennett. Rick Marchbank led the field to the green and led for a few laps, until getting passed by Teammate #30 Scott Heikes who led thru the white flag, until lapped traffic allowed the #31 of Steve Becker to pass from the 3rd position to take the win by less then a foot at the line. Results were #31 Becker, #30 Heikes, #2 Blaine Schubarth, #61 Martinez, #7 Wilson, #71X McCrae, #11C Waterland, #24B Boos, #24 Tim Snelling, #20 Dale johnston, #56 Simpson, #1T Ullery, #19 Fernandez, #3 Marchbank, #29 Wissman, #23 Potoker, #60 Helken, #00 Zander Johnston, #25 Rotramel, #11 Fraiser, #21 Bennett, and #9 Riggs. El Paso County raceway will be the track to close out the 2015 season on October 10th and 11th for two final races to decide the Chamionship. Troy Ullery leads the points, but the top 6 are all in striking distance.

Published on Sept. 23, 2015, 7:59 p.m.

Rick Hench makes it two in a row at Oberlin

Rick Hench led feature #2 at Oberlin Speedway on race night #2 of the Bob Salem memorial. Johnny Boos gave chase and came up short finishing 2nd again, followed by Glenn Waterland who completed the podium. Steve Becker and Cullen Potoker rounded out the top 5.

Published on Sept. 23, 2015, 7:54 p.m.

Oberlin Night #1 won by Rick Hench

Rick Hench led wire to wire in the Sept 19th feature at Oberlin , KS Speedway. He was followed by Johnny Boos and Cullen Potoker. Steve Becker and Glenn Waterland completed the top 5.

Published on Sept. 6, 2015, 11:15 p.m.

Schubarth doubles up in specatcular fashion!

Blaine Schubarth took his second victory of the season in spectacular style on Saturday September the 5th at -I76 Speedway. Starting the main event from 5th on the grid Blaine quickly made his way through to second early on as Mike Rotramel in the 25 made a great start to lead the early running. After an early caution Blaine took the lead and was never headed as he took a handy lead to the checkered flag.

The closest battle of the night was between Scott Wilson in the 7 and Steve Becker in the 31. After a race long battle going back and forth it was eventually Wilson who took the second spot ahead of Becker in third.

Rounding out the top 5 was Troy Ullery in the 1T in fourth and Dale Johnston in fifth, both drivers putting in solid drives on a low grip track.

Special mention this week goes to the 24B team of Johnny Boos, who turned around a series of misfortunes early in the night to recover to an 8th place finish.

Here's the final finishing positions for I-76 Speedway, September 5th, 2015:
1: 2 Blaine Schubarth
2: 7 Scott Wilson
3: 31 Steve Becker
4: 1T Troy Ullery
5: 20 Dale Johnston
6: 30 Scott Heikes
7: 11c Glenn Waterland
8: 24B Johnny Boos
9: 24 Tim Snelling
10: 19 Jesse Fernandez
11: 29 Skylar Wissman
12: 9F Andy Flood
13: 3 Rick Marchbank
14: 60 Gary Helkin
15: 00 Zander Johnston
16: 25 Mike Rotramel (DNF)
17: 11 John Frasier (DNF)
18: 39 Mike Snelling (DNF)

Published on Sept. 6, 2015, 10:59 p.m.

Waterland makes it four in Byers

Glenn Waterland took the win on September 4th at Byers to make his first trip to victory lane with the wings on board. After a great battle with Steve Becker early, Waterland took the advantage on the only yellow flag restart of the night. Becker in the 31 came home in second.
Highlight of the night was seeing number 60 Gary Helkin take the final spot on the podium after a race long battle with the 9F of Andy Flood. Gary shows his commitment to the sport every week as he makes the long journey from Montrose, Colorado every week to race with the RMLSA so it's great to see that dedication rewarded with a podium place.
The top five was rounded out by Andy Flood and John Frasier in the 11.

Published on Sept. 1, 2015, 12:07 a.m.

It's a Non-Wing Triple for Waterland

Glenn Waterland in the 11c took his third win of the year last Saturday on a superbly prepared I-76 Speedway. Waterland started from the 8th spot on the grid and quickly moved through to the lead on lap 3, from here he survived two cautions to pull away for the win.
In second place was the ever consistent Troy Ullery in the 1T. Troy started in the 11th spot and had one close call as he rode a wheel as he made his way through traffic.
Number 5, Brandon Steele made a welcome return to the track and showed his class to take the final podium spot after 3 years away from the drivers seat.
Steve Becker in the 31 enjoyed a strong night to come through from 13th on the grid to finish in fourth. Unfortunately Steve gave up a the final podium spot on the last lap as Steele fought his way through.
The top 5 was rounded out by car 7, Scott Wilson, who also took a heat race win on the night to make yet another strong points haul. This result moves Scott up to second in the points.

Uncharacteristically there was damage to some of the cars, with Johnny Boos, Davy McCray, Paul Babich, Andy Flood and Dale Johnston all ending up with bent parts and pieces. Let's hope the damage wasn't too bad and we'll see them all back soon.

Once again Devan's Race Videos has put together an excellent clip of all the great action, check out the 4 wide racing early on!

Here's the full list of results for the RMLSA at i-76 Speedway, August 29, 2015:
1: 11C- Waterland
2: 1T- Ullery
3: 5- Steele
4: 31- Becker
5: 7- Wilson
6: 2- Schubarth
7: 25- Rotramel
8: 19- Fernandez
9: 29- Wissman
10: 60- Helken
11: 21- Bennett
12: 00- Z Johnston
13: 39- M Snelling
14: 24- T Snelling
15: 2J- McCray
16: 11- Frasier
17: 24B- Boos
18: 69- Babich
19: 9F- Flood
20: 20- D Johnston
21: 70- Pierce
22: 4- Booth

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Published on Aug. 23, 2015, 10:25 p.m.

Ullery's domination continues

Troy Ullery made it 5 wins for the season on Saturday, August 22, 2015 to continue his domination of the year so far.
Ullery started 12th on the grid and made his way through the field with some great passes both high and low to take the win. After winning the first heat Johnny Boos in the 24B also had a great drive through the field to second place. Making his first visit to Calhan this year was Paul Babich in the 69, surely not his last after a great performance to finish third on the podium.
The top 5 was completed by Scott Wilson who won the third heat race and Tim Snelling who made his first trip to the scales this year after a great battle early on with Cullen Pottaker up the front.

Special mention to Cullen Pottaker this week, who started the main event on the pole and showed great form to lead the early running. Unfortunately mechanical gremlins prevented Cullen from finishing the race, but if this young racer can put together this type of form for the rest of the year he will surely get some great results.

Once again thanks to Missy ullery for this great video of all the action.

Here's the full finishing order for August 22, 2015 and El Paso County Speedway:
1: 1T
2: 24b
3: 69
4: 7
5: 24
6: 71x
7: 11c
8: 20
9: 31
10: 19
11: 21
12: 3
13: 39
14: 9F
15: 60
16: 12
17: 00
18: 25 DNF
19: 11 DNF
20: 23 DNF
21: 30 DNF
22: 2 DNF

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Published on Aug. 15, 2015, 9:55 p.m.

Lightning strikes twice for Waterland

The 11c of Glenn Waterland swept to his second victory of the year at Sherman County Speedway in Goodland Kansas.
Troy Ullery in the 1T took the lead early from the 4th starting spot followed closely by the 31 of Steve Becker. Meanwhile Waterland had a poor start and dropped back to 9th from 3rd on the grid, eventually he found his groove and started moving back through the field. With 3 laps to go he moved around the outside and into the lead where he stayed to the flag.
After a race long battle between Ullery, Becker and Scott WIlson, it was Ullery and Becker who completed the podium. Wilson eventually secured 4th place with the 30 of Scott Heikes making a well earned visit to the scales in 5th.

The race was punctuated by a long red flag period after the 29 of Skylar Wissman took a tumble in turn 3, thankfully he walked away mostly unharmed apart from some bumps and bruises.

That wraps up the big track running for the year, it's 1/4 mile all the way to the end of the season now with visits to El Paso County Speedway and I76 Speedway completing the calendar.

Here's the full finishing order for Sherman County Speedway, August 15, 2015:
1: 11c
2: 1T
3: 31
4: 7
5: 30
6: 2
7: 24B
8: 20
9: 71x
10: 3
11: 21
12: 9F
13: 00
14: 39
15: 29 DNF
16: 69 DNF
17: 24 DNF
18: 11 DNS
19: 60 DNS

Published on Aug. 15, 2015, 10:44 a.m.

Ullery for four at Byers!

Troy Ullery once again hit the top step of the podium with a commanding win at Colorado Motorsports Park in Byers Colorado. Ullery moved to the lead early with a pass around the outside of Steve Becker who eventually finished on the podium after a very close run to the line with Davy McCray.

The top five was completed by Dale Johnston and Skylar Wissman in the 29.

A pair of tip overs highlighted the main event, first up it was Jesse Fernandez who rode a wheel and put the number 19 upside down for the second time this year, continuing his run of bad luck. Second up was Scott WIlson in the number 7 Fabtech. Scott clipped one of the marker tires on the exit of turn 4, spun and parked himself upside down. Thankfully both drivers were unharmed.

Once again Devan's race videos has provided some great shots of all the action, check it out below!

Here's the full finishing order for August 14, 2015 at Colorado Motorsports park:
1: 1T
2: 71x
3: 31
4: 20
5: 29
6: 11c
7: 9F
8: 96
9: 23
10: 7
11: 60
12: 00
13: 11
14: 19 DNF
15: 71 DNF

Youtube videos

Published on Aug. 2, 2015, 10:08 p.m.

Waterland makes it 7 winners on the year

A warm and dry day ended with victory for Glenn Waterland in the 11c at I-76 Speedway. After taking the heat race win Waterland found the high groove to his liking and took out the feature win too, for just his second win with the RMLSA. After starting from the 5th grid position Troy Ullery made his way to the second spot to continue his relentless pursuit of podium finishes. Final spot on the podium was taken by Paul Babich in the 69, his first visit to the podium this year and a welcome return it is.

For the third time in a row Steve Becker made it into the top 5 with a fourth place and also with his third top 5 in a row was Scott WIlson in 5th.

As usual Missy Ullery has posted a great video of all the action, check it out!

Here's the final finishing order for I-76, August 1st 2015:
1: 11c
2: 1T
3: 69
4: 31
5: 7
6: 30
7: 2
8: 24B
9: 19
10: 9
11: 71x (DNF)
12: 3 (DNS)
13: 25 (DNS)

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Published on July 29, 2015, 8:44 p.m.

Ullery back with a vengence.

The second Friday night show for the year ended with victory once again for Troy Ullery, who bounced back after 2 DNF's at Dodge City to reclaim the top spot on the podium. This was Ullery's third win of the year, and so far the only person to take more than one victory.

24 cars signed in for the annual fair race at El Paso, and the competition was hot and heavy all night long. The podium was completed by Skylar Wissman who achieved his best result so far with the RMLSA in second and backed up a third place spot a Dodge City to solidify his credentials at the top of heap. Blaine Schubarth took his beautifully prepared NAPA number 2 Hyper to third.

The top five was rounded out by Steve Becker who is consistently putting in solid results after a rough start to the season with two DNF's and the super consistent Scott Wilson in the number 7 Fabtech.

Jesse Fernandez made the highlight reel once again, this time with a gentle flip coming out of turn 2. He was able to continue minus his top wing, and put in a solid effort despite that handicap.

Until next time check out this great video shot by Missy Ullery!

Here's the full finishing order for El Paso County Speedway, 24 July 2015:
1: 1T
2: 29
3: 2
4: 31
5: 7
6: 20
7: 71x
8: 24B
9: 24
10: 11c
11: 3
12: 21
13: 32
14: 39
15: 9f
16: 19
17: 96
18: 9
19: 23
20: 12
21: 00
22: 71 (DNF)
23: 28 (DNS)
24: 70 (DNS)

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Published on July 19, 2015, 10:33 p.m.

McCray takes first victory!

On Friday July 17th the RMLSA headed out to Byers to try out the new track at the Colorado Motorsports Park.
Congratulations goes to Dave McCray who took out the victory, his first with the RMLSA. The podium was completed by Scott Wilson and Glenn Waterland, who both enjoyed a race long battle with multiple passes either way before it was decided.
The top five was completed by Steve Becker who advanced through after starting near the back and Andy Flood who secured his best result and first top 5 of the year.

The Colorado Motorsports Park team has put together a great facility with a fun layout and fantastic lighting, all the drivers in attendance had a great night and are looking forward to heading back.

Published on July 6, 2015, 10:41 p.m.

Dodge City Saturday win goes to Butler

July 4th saw another great line up of 25 cars take to the Dodge City high banks. This time it was youth versus experience on the front row with Johnny Boos lining up alongside Wally Butler.
Butler saw off challenges from both Troy Ullery and Rick Hench, but he was not to be stopped this night and took the win for the NLSA club from Canada.
Hench finished second after once again passing a lot of cars from the 10th starting spot. The podium was completed by Roland Bernard who made excellent use of the high line to pass a number of cars on the outside. The top five was completed by Boos and Glenn Waterland in the 11c.

A big thanks goes out to all the cars who traveled from Manitoba, Minnesota, California, Nebraska and Missouri to join all the RMLSA regulars for a great weekend of racing.

Thanks also to the team at Dodge City Raceway park for a great weekend at a top notch facility.

Once again we have a great video from Devan's race videos to capture all the action, check it out!

Youtube videos

Published on July 4, 2015, 1:21 p.m.

Night 1 at Dodge City goes to Dvergsten

The RMLSA has made it's way to the Kansas heartland in Dodge City. Night 1 of the 2 night show was won by Dexter Dvergsten visiting all the way from Minnesota.
A great field of 25 cars took the green with Bobby Layne leading early, a tangle with Troy Ullery bought the yellow which bunched up the field and gave Dexter his chance. Layne's car appeared to tighten up in the latter stages and Dexter moved through for the victory.
The podium was completed by Wally Butler and Skylar Wissman, with Bobby Layne eventually finishing fourth and Rich Hench in fifth having made his way through from the 18th grid position.

Check out all the action in the great video shot by Devan's Race Videos.

Youtube videos

Published on June 21, 2015, 12:11 a.m.

Ullery and Schubarth take victory! June 20 and 21.

Troy Ullery and Blaine Schubarth took out the victories over a great weekend of racing with the RMLSA.

June 20th saw 25 cars sign in to race at I-76 and after an excellent battle with Steve Becker who led the early running Troy Ullery made a nice pass round the outside for the victory. Becker came home in second followed by Glenn Waterland who almost threw it all away on the last lap with a half spin but just held on for third ahead of Scott Wilson and Johnny Boos.

June 21st also saw 25 cars sign in, for a total of 30 different drivers over the weekend. This time it was Blaine Schubarth taking the victory after leading most of the race. Coming home second was Brent Rees after making some great passes both inside and out. Third place was Johnny Boos, who is showing an excellent turn of speed and consistency in his second year with the RMLSA. Rounding out the top 5 was Troy Ullery and Dale Johnston.

The hard luck award for the weekend goes to the Martinez team with Matt blowing a motor late in the main event on Saturday and Jesse Fernandez ending up with heavy damage to the car after a spin early in the main on Saturday.

Next up the RMLSA is heading back to Dodge City for the second year to race with the World Of Outlaws for two nights over July 3rd and 4th. With cars expected from as far away as Canada and California these shows are going to be hotly contested and great fun, we hope to see you there!

Published on May 23, 2015, 11:53 p.m.

May 23rd Race at El Paso County Raceway

A great field of 23 signed in to race on Memorial Weekend Saturday. Despite heavy rain in many parts of the state, the weather gods were smiling on El Paso County Raceway and with only a few drops of rain during hot laps the racing was uninterrupted by the weather.
The main event was taken out by Brent Rees after some great battles for the lead throughout the race. The podium was completed by the ultra consistent Troy Ullery and Matt Martinez who proved that bad luck has nothing to do with the 13th grid spot.
Rounding out the top five were Dave McCrea who's joined the RMLSA from the legends class and Blaine Schubarth who fought back after being tangled early on.
Unfortunately the second night of the memorial weekend double header was rained out so the next time we'll see the lightning sprints back on track will be at I-76 Speedway on June the 20th, we hope to see you then!

Youtube videos

Check out this great video of Saturday nights main event kindly supplied by Devan's Race Videos:

Published on May 21, 2015, 7:34 p.m.

April 25th Races at I76 Speedway

14 Cars braved a dismal weather forecast and made the trip for the postponed 2015 Season Opener for the RMLSA . We were greeted with a cold wind, and several rain, lightning and thunderstorms. But, the track crew spent some time and made a very fast smooth track that tested all the drivers and cars. Matt Martinez, Troy Ullery and Johnny Boos took off for a green to checkered feature that had lots of lapped traffic, and some great racing, Troy Ullery in his GSXR powered Henchcraft got by Matt Martinez in is ZX12 powered Fab Tech with a couple laps to go for the win!! Completing the top 5 were Johnny Boos in his R1 powered Fab Tech , Scott Hiekes his GSXR Powered Bishop and Scott Wilson in his R1 powered Fab Tech.

Published on April 26, 2015, 8:54 p.m.

April 25th Winged Race at I76 Speedway

14 Cars braved the rain, wind, cold, thunder and lightning , and raced at I-76 Speedway on a beautiful tacky smooth very fast track. 2 heat races were won by Johnny Boos and Matt Martinez. In the feature race Matt Martinez led Troy Ullery and Johnny Boos off to a fast start in a Green to Checkered race that saw lots of lapped traffic, some close calls, and great racing, with Ullery passing Martinez for the win in the final laps.The battles raged back in the pack and several motors expired near the end, in the caution free race. Final results were Ullery, Martinez, Boos, Heikes, Wilson, Waterland, Schubarth, Bennett, Flood, Wissman, Marchbank, Becker, Reed and Fernandez,

Published on April 26, 2015, 2:35 p.m.

4/25/15 I-76 Speedway

Great racing action from 4/25/15 at I-76 Speedway

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Published on March 29, 2015, 6:41 a.m.

July 4th, 2014 Dodge City

Dodge City Raceway park

Footage of a great race at the beautiful Dodge City Raceway park

Youtube videos

Published on March 19, 2015, 6:11 p.m.

June 21st, 2014 I-76 Race

Website Update - And a Video

A new feature to our website this year, will be videos on the main page. We will be changing and adding videos randomly, and each week we will have videos from the previous race week on this page. This video is a Non Wing race at Fort Morgan on June 21st, 2014. Great racing for the lead for the last 10 laps!!!

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