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Simpson Clinches the Title! Ullery gets his 50th PDF Print E-mail
September 21, 2013 - On a spectacular late summer day 12 RMLSA Lightning Sprints took to the track at I-76 Speedway. Troy Simpson clinched the 2013 RMLSA Championship buy winning his heat race and  scoring another solid top 5 in the main event. Congradulations to Troy and his crew. Strating from the inside 2nd row Toy Ullery got to the lead before the end of lap one and clearly was the class of the field on this night. Challenged a few times by 2012 Champion Brent Rees driving the #5 of Brandon Steele Lighting Sprint and also a very fast #2 Bob Harr. In taking the checkers Troy picked up his extraordinary 50th victory! Congradulations Troy!
Layne Victorious PDF Print E-mail

September 1, 2013 - Bobby Layne made the most of his trip to Colorado by picking up the main event victory Saturday, September 1st at I-76 Speedway. Starting from the 3rd spot Bobby got the lead early in the going and was on a rail around the bottom. Challenged for most of the race by 2012 RMLSA Champion Brent Rees making one of his few events this year and the #2 of Bob Harr was in the mix all race as well. It looked as if Rees would get Layne with just a few laps to go but a caution came out and shuffled him back to 2nd. Then on the restart Rees had a big run on the outside but there was nothing up high and Harr was able to sneak under him while Layne went on to the win. Ullery and pribbenow rounded out the top 5.

Heat 1 - Rees, Harr, B. Layne, Simpson, Pribbenow, Murphy, Crowder and Gallo.

Heat 2 - Worcester, Ullery, Babich, Wilson, Becker, Pierce DNF, T. Layne DNF, Rousch DNF.

Main Event - 1. #01 Bobby Layne - Kansas City, MO, 2. #2 Bob Harr - Arvada, 3. #5 Brent Rees - Arvada, 4. #1 Troy Uller - Lakewood, 5. #71A Auston Pribbenow - Elizabeth, 6. #56 Troy Simpson - Windsor, 7. #7 Scott Wilson - Thornton, 8. #31 Steve Becker - Lakewood, 9. #69 Paul Babich - Fort Collins, 10. #33 TJ Worcester - Elizabeth, 11. #32 Chris Crowder - Colorado Springs, 12. #45 Brian Murphy - Colorado Springs, 13. #55 Sammy Gallo - Arvada, #70 Troy Pierce - Arvada DNS, #71T Tony Layne - Kansas City, MO DNS, #97 Bill Rousch - Morrison DNS.

The RMLSA will close out the 2013 season on September 21st at I-76 Speedway. The points race is still up for grabs as Troy Simpson holds a 31 point lead over Auson Pribbenow. With 155 possible points available on a race night it is extremly close. Come catch the final night of action and bring a friend!!  


Martinez Sweeps Sherman County Night 1 - Worcester scores first RMLSA Victory Night 2 PDF Print E-mail

August 16th, 2013 - Making up for the rainout on May 25th, 13 Lighting Sprints rolled into the pits at Sherman County Speedway. Matt Martinez continued his mastery of the track in winning both the heat race and starting from the fourth row to charge to the win in the Main event. Martinez was followed across by Troy Simpson, TJ Worcest, Paul Babich and Glenn Waterland.

Heat Race 1 - Jeff Gieg, Steve Becker, Paul Babich, Glenn Waterland, Tony Hudlin, TJ Worcester, Dale Johnston.

Heat Race 2 - Matt Martinez, Scott Wilson, Auston Pribbenow, Troy Simpson, Blake Bogenhagen, Jesse Fernandez.

Main Event - 1) #61 Marr Martinez - Parker, 2) #56 Troy Simpson - Windsor, 3) #33 TJ Worcester - Elizabeth, 4) #69 Paul Babich - Fort Collins, 5) #11 Glenn Waterland - Broomfield, 6) #7 Scott Wilson - Thornton, 7) #8 Blake Bogenhagen - Cheyenne Wells, 8) #31 Steve Becker - Lakewood, 9) #19 Jesse Fernandez - Parker, 10) #18 Jeff Gieg - Johnstown, 11) #69X Dale Johnston - Peyton, 12) #71 Auston Pribbenow - Elizabeth, 13) #15H Tony Hudlin - Iola, KS.


August 17th, 2013 - After starting from the pole and falling to third TJ Worcester battled back to pick up his first RMLSA Main Event win. TJ had a spirited battle in holding off Troy Simpson, follwing Worcester and Simpson were Paul Babich, Matt Martinez and Scott Wilson.

Heat Race 1 - Jeff, Gieg, TJ Worcester, Steve Becker, Matt Martinez, Scott Wilson, Tony Hudlin, Blake Bogenhagen.

Heat Race 2- Paul Babich, Troy Simpson, Auston Pribbenow, Glenn Waterland, Jesses Fernandez, Scott Heikes, Rick Marchbank.

Main Event - 1) #33 TJ Worcester - Elizabeth, 2) #56 Troy Simpson - Windsor, 3) #69 Paul Babich - Fort Collins, 4) #61 Matt Martinez - Parker, 5) #7 Scott Wilson - Thornton,  6) #30 Scott Heikes - Colorado Springs, 7) #31 Steve Becker - Lakewood, 8) #19 Jesse Fernandez - Parker, 9) #11 Glenn Waterland - Broomfield, 10) #3 Rick Marchbank - Black Forrest, 11) #8 Blake Bogenhagen - Cheyenne Wells DNF, 12) 15H Tony Hudlin - Iola, KS DNF, 13) #18 Jeff Gieg - Johnstown DNF, 14) 71A Auston Pribbenow - Elizabeth DNF.

The RMLSA will take week of and be at I-76 Speedway in Fort Morgan, CO on Sunday September 1st for a make up of the July 20th rainout. Pit passes purchased for the July 20th race will still be accepted.

Auston Pribbenow Sweeps PCR PDF Print E-mail

August 10th, 2013 - Finally after another rainout on August 3rd at I-76 Speedway the weather was great and the track was wicked fast. After winning his heat from the 4th starting spot and drawing a zero for the main event inversion, Auston started on pole and was challenged early by #2 Bob Harr but in the end Auston cruised to victory.

Heat 1 - Auston Pribbenow, Bob Harr, Scott Wilson, Troy Simpson, Paul Babich, TJ Worcester, Steve Becker and Glenn Waterland.

Main Event - 1) #71A Auston Pribbenow - Elizabeth, 2) #2 Bob Harr - Arvada, 3) #7 Scott Wilson - Thornton, 4) #11 Glenn Waterland - Broomfield, 5) #33 TJ Worcester - Elizabeth, 6) #69 Paul Babich - Ft. Collins, 7) #31 Steve Becker - Lakewood, 8) #56 Troy Simpson - Windsor DNF.

The RMLSA heads for Sherman County Speedway for a double header on Friday Agust 16th and Saturday August 15th.


Gieg on a roll PDF Print E-mail

July 13th, 2013 - The RMLSA made its first trip to Lincoln County Raceway in North Platte, NE. On a HOT and STEAMY day with temperatures above 100, Jeff Gieg also kept his hot streak going. 11 cars made the trip to the fast 3/8 mile oval. Thank You to Ed Milne, the staff and especially the fans at Lincoln County Raceway for treating us extremely well. All the drivers and fans had a great time with the fan appreciation night as many of you came down before and after to meet the drivers. The bike giveaway was a success along with the candy toss for the kids and lots of autographs were signed. Starting for the 7th spot in the main event Jeff Gieg quickly got to the front with Troy Simpson right behind. As the race progressed it was clear Jeff had everybody covered and cruised to his second victory in a row. Only one caution made for a very rapid race. Jeff was followed accross the line by Troy Simpson, Scott Wilson, Troy Ullery and Auston Pribbenow. The complete results are as follows.

Heat 1 - Jeff Gieg, Auston Pribbenow, Troy Simpson, Glenn Waterland, Steve Becker and David Gillpatrick.

Heat 2 - Paul Babich, Scott Wilson, Trpy Ullery, TJ Worcester and Mike Anderson.

Main Event - 1. #18 Jeff Gieg - Johnstown, 2. #56 Troy Simpson - Windsor, 3. #7 Scott Wilson - Thornton, 4. #1 Troy Ullery - Lakewood, 5. #71 Auston Pribbenow - Elizabeth, 6. #33 TJ Worcester - Elizabeth, 7. #11 Glenn Waterland - Broomfield, 8. #69 Paul Babich - Fort Collins, 9. #31 Steve Becker - Lakewood DNF, 10. #82 David Gillpatrick - Loveland DNF, 11. #32 Mike Anderson - Arvada DNF.

The RMLSA will return to I-76 Speedway this Saturday July 20th.

On another schedule note, the RMLSA will make up the rainout from Sherman County Speedway in Goodland, KS with a two day show on Friday August 16th and the regular scheduled Saturday August 17th. Stay tuned for more details.

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