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June 1st, 2013 - Jeff Gieg picks up the victory and makes it 4 different winners in the first 4 weeks. A warm and windy spring day made for a tricky track and a wild main event. Seventeen cars rolled in to I-76 with a new face and old friend making their first appearance in 2013. Bob Harr in the beautiful yellow #2, Harr Chassis, Yamaha R1, Bear electric sponsored Lighting Sprint and Dwight Hoelscher in the #4 Diet Pepsi, Yamaha powered Lighting Sprint. After grabbing the early lead Gieg was challenged and passed by a hard charging Brent Rees driving the Brandon Steele #5 machine but the yellow came out and put Gieg back on point. The insuing restart saw Auston Pribbenow get below Bob Harr in turn one and clip a tire and get upside down. Auston was a little shaken up but was able to make repairs and return. As the leaders approached turn 4 as the red came out TJ Worcester and Brent Rees got tangled up and Rees could not make repairs and retired. Worcester was able to make repairs and return. With Gieg back on point at the restart #69 Paul Babich was able to sneak by Gieg coming off turn 2 and held the lead for the better part of the race and looked to the race in hand. Two late cautions came out and on the second restart Babich clipped a tire in between turn 1 and 2 and spun. Gieg got a solid restart and held off #1 Troy Ullery to claim the victory. Following Gieg across the line were #1 Troy Ullery, #56 Troy Simpson #7 Scott Wilson and #71 Auston Pribbenow rounded out the top 5. The complete results are as follows.

Heat 1 - Troy Ullery, Troy Simpson, Paul Babich, TJ Worcester, Jeff Gieg, Steve Becker, Rick Marchbank, David Gillpatrick and Dwight Hoelscher.

Heat 2 - Auston Pribbenow, Brent Rees, Bob Harr, Glenn Waterland, Scott Wilson, Scott Heikes, Mike Anderson and Bill Rousch

Main Event - 1. #18 Jeff Gieg - Johnstown, 1. #1 Troy Ullery - Lakewood, 3. #56 Troy Simpson - Windsor, 4. #7 Scott Wilson - Thornton, 5. #71 Auston Pribbenow - Elizabeth, 6. #33 TJ Worcest - ELizabeth, 7. #11 Glenn Waterland - Brighton, 8. #69 Paul Babich - Fort Collins, 9. #31 Steve Becker - Lakewood, 10. #3 Rick Marchbank - Colorado Springs, 11. #4 Dwight Hoelscher - Arvada DNF, 12. #2 Bob Harr - Arvada DNF, 13. #5 Brent Rees - Arvada DNF, 14. #30 Scott Heikes - Colorado Springs DNF, 15. #97 Bill Rousch - Morrison DNF, #32 Mike Anderson - Lakewood DNF, #82 David Gillpatrick DNS.

The RMLSA takes a week off and is back at I-76 Speedway on Saturday June 15th for Race #6 and will have the wings back on top. Come catch the exciting action. Can we make it 5 for 5?





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